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Please select a jump date and check-in time with enough slots for your party.

  • The time that you select is your scheduled check-in time, NOT your jump time.
  • If the jump date and/or check-in time that you want is not able to be selected, then there may not be any bookings currently available for that date and/or time. However, slots may become available if people cancel or reschedule. We also accept all walk-in customers. Please note that there is a price difference for walk-ins. Also be aware that walk-ins must wait until there is a time slot available. If there are no time slots available, then walk-ins may have to wait until every other reservation has jumped before being able to jump. Even then, there is never any guarantee that any walk-ins will be able to jump, especially if there are no time slots available.
  • If your party has more people than one time slot has available and there are enough open bookings available combined between two or more consecutive time slots within 30 minutes of each other, then you can fill the available time slots by making multiple reservations at those times for each jumper in your party. The check-in time for your entire group is the earliest time slot you have reserved. (Example: If you have a party of 8 people and the only open booking times available are 4 people at 11:00 AM and 6 people at 11:30 AM, you can book 4 people from your party at 11:00 AM and the other 4 at 11:30 AM and everyone in your party must arrive at 11:00 AM to check-in together.)
Any discounts or coupon codes may only be applied toward the full retail price of a tandem skydive.

Start Skydiving is only located at the Middletown Regional Airport at 1711 Run Way, Middletown, Ohio 45042.
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