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ATTENTION! This calendar is for the Accelerated Free-Fall Solo Skydiving First Jump Course ONLY. It is NOT for a tandem skydive. This course is only intended for those who wish to pursue the extreme sport of skydiving and progress towards earning their USPA A license. Due to the highly overwhelming nature of making your first skydive, we strongly encourage doing a tandem skydive for your first skydive if you have never skydived before. If you want to book a reservation for a tandem skydive, please go back to the main menu of the reservation page and select the appropriate tandem skydive option. Otherwise, if you wish to book a reservation for the Accelerated Free-Fall First Jump Course, please select a date at least three days in advance. All AFF First Jump Courses begin at 8:00 AM and may last for six to eight hours depending on the number of students in the class and the amount of time it takes for each student to learn the information being presented.
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